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Our Value - Nine Pillars

We believe in facilitating a team approach among all parties involved on the project to create a sharing of knowledge that delivers the best possible project.  Unlike many in the industry, we value a collaborative approach that produces the best project results in the most efficient manner.

Through our experience, vision and knowledge, we are able to accurately and thoroughly deliver both the client’s expectations and the architect’s vision for the project.  We understand what it takes for a project to become a reality.

Customer Satisfaction
We listen with our heart to the requirements of our customers. To ensure the highest customer satisfaction is how we measure our accomplishment. Our greatest achievement is at the perfect moment when customer looking at completed project with a nod on their head and a sense of satisfaction followed by their grin. This is how we measure success.

Ongoing Sustainability
We uphold and embrace a long-term maintenance of responsibility not only on the project we secure but have also extended to environment, economic, and social dimensions. We know the important of having to maximize the resources used. This would ensure an ongoing sustainability in our ecology.

We consider all our customers as our long living partners. The moment the jobs or projects are being awarded to CW COATING, We would ensure our customer would have a piece of mind and sleep soundly, because we definitely could provide the result as required.

In this competitive era, we understand that “No man is an island.” We have very strong operational, technical, marketing, research, consultative team that works very closely and able to perform multitasking in cross functional way. This would ensure our client is able to enjoy the expertise and professionalism from all aspects.

We stand behind our work through the moral and ethical principles of honesty and trust, an approach governed by our impressive track record of over 10 years in business.

New Ideas
Our consultancy team is always constantly keeping up with the new market trend to provide new ideas to our customers. When it comes to colour selection, thousands of ideas could be developed but it only takes one idea for that perfect combination of colours. We are there to make it happen for you.

Good Quality
At the core of every successful business is a collective commitment to good quality. CW COATING embrace a high standard of excellence, our people deliver higher quality results.